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Innovative bar solutions

Event Delivery

Creating an incredible guest experience is our only mission objective, no matter how involved you want to be. Hands off or hands on, we ensure you maintain absolute control over your event. We take care of everything from the bar itself, right down to the olive in your dirty martini, and everything in between!

Create Cocktails are passionate about the power of drinks in developing your profile and brand awareness. Relax and let our team take care of the drinks, the heart and soul of any event.

An exceptional team

Expert Staff

An event is only as good as the front-line staff. Creative, innovative and highly talented, our team are experts in their field. We consistently go beyond to ensure that your event is outstanding, and provide you with skilled professionals at every stage of our service.

We have a knowledgeable and dedicated team of event staff who specialise in management, training, drinks styling, event bartending, flair bartending and back of house support. You can count on our enthusiasm, excitement and integrity.

We work as a team both with you and other event partners to ensure that everything runs seamlessly. Our reputation within the event industry is stellar, and you can always count on our honesty and commitment.

Stress free stock solutions

Stock & Brand Asset Management

Keeping track of all stock and brand assets is key in ensuring a profitable event. Our stock management system is rock solid, providing everything your guests need to fully experience the event. At the end, everything is carefully reconciled, so you can see exactly how it has been utilised.

You can rest assured that we have everything covered from recipe ingredients through to glass and bar ware. And our logistical team will store, maintain and deliver all required equipment to your venue and take it away again afterwards, leaving you with nothing to do except relax and enjoy your event.

Setting the Scene


Glassware and service ware can set the scene, deliver the ultimate experience and so much more. We stock, maintain and manage an amazing array of glasses and accessories, to suit every theme and style of event.

Even the most incredible cocktail can be enhanced with the right glassware. Give your guests old school Hollywood glamour with vintage styling, or keep it sleek with sharp modern lines. Our glasses can be used to create a display at your venue or even add form to a photo shoot. Whatever your concept, there is a range of glassware perfect for your event.

Building your brand identity


Create Cocktails don’t just do drinks. We unleash the power of drinks to fire up your brand identity and increase brand awareness.

We work closely with your brand or venue to design strategies which will truly engage consumers and inspire them to become brand advocates. Experts in designing drinking experiences, our team of skilled brand consultants, mixologists and venue consultants work together to grow your business and place you firmly ahead of the competition.

Whether you are a new venue who needs a new menu, design and decor suggestions or staff training to ensure that everyone characterises your brand identity, our Brand and Venue Consultancy will help you launch your ideas out into the world.

Delivering excellence


Our fleet of vans and range of trusted delivery partners will ensure that the logistics of your event are carried out quickly and efficiently. Our highly professional team are the ninjas of the logistical world; we get in, get the job done and get out, with no fuss.

We store, maintain and deliver all required equipment to your event and take it away again afterwards, leaving you with nothing to do except relax and enjoy your moment to shine.