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Chistmas Party Alternatives

In charge of planning your Christmas party this year and stuck for ideas? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We have a range of Christmas cocktail boxes available for you and your colleagues to enjoy. Each box comes with a scrumptious nibble and access to a video cocktail tutorial. Plus they can be branded or customised to suit your company!

Visit our shop to choose your cocktail(s)!

Bloody Mary's delivered to your door

This is what Sunday’s are all about!

Our new Bloody Mary box has absolutely everything you need to make your own delicious cocktails from the comfort of your own home. We pack a range of herbs and spices in the box for you to make your drinks just how you like them!

Visit our online shop to place your orders now, no one should have to suffer another Sunday without them!

Bloody Maria Saves The Day!

One more day to go, and we’re through the longest, driest month of the year! Our Mexico inspired ‘Mary mix’ has marinated to perfection, and the fiery kick (of a virgin Maria) has been helping keep us warm over the past few weeks. However, this Friday (1st February) we are ready for a fiesta, and will be kicking off the weekend with a deliciously spicy Bloody Maria (con Tequila)!

Cheers to 2019, and hats off to all you #DryJanuary - ers!


With reports suggesting that veganism has seen a growth of a staggering 700% since 2016 we thought it was time to check our cocktails, and see how vegan friendly we really are!

The result… of the 55 cocktails on our various menu’s, there are only 2 that are neither vegetarian or vegan friendly, with Campari being the rogue product in both of these cocktails (they use gelatine as part of the production process)!

Simple switches such as using aquafaba (chickpea water) instead of egg white in Sours, or vegan friendly Prosecco in our Bellini’s means that cocktails, now more than ever, really can be tailored to all diets!

Email us for our full vegan cocktail menu.

Season of the Spritz

The season of the spritz is here (hallelujah!), and to celebrate we have created our very own menu dedicated to this delightfully delicate Summer cocktail. The ‘Aperol Spritz’ is a well known and loved cocktail, however we feel some other variations should be given their time to shine.

Think bright colours and mediterranean flavours with a Create Cocktails twist.

Email us for the full menu, saluti!

Mississippi Mary

The holidays are over, everyone’s back to work, and you’re surrounded by dry January-ers! Here at Create Cocktails HQ we find the best way to overcome this never ending month is with a good Bloody Mary! That’s why every year we create a unique Bloody Mary mix incorporating authentic flavours from around the world. This year we have focused on Americas deep south with Cajun spices, smokey BBQ and warming chipotle. Previous editions include Voodoo (smothered on chicken wings = yum!), Japanese and Mediterranean.

Create Cocktails - putting the kick back into January since 2004!

Fireworks Night

Remember remember the 5th of November….

Fireworks weekend always seems to signal the start of winter for us! Darkness creeps in earlier, the temperature noticeably drops; hats, scarves and coats make a reappearance, and our favourite - adult (ahem) hot drinks come back on the scene!

This weekend we will be welcoming the winter nights with flasks of Mulled Cider, and Devilled Hot Chocolate - nothing says hug in a mug more than this! So easy and simple to make - add a touch of spice to your cider with some cinnamon, star anise, and grated nutmeg. A glug of whisky will elevate the warmth, whilst a squeeze of citrus will balance the sweetness. Rum will compliment your hot chocolate perfectly, all rounded off with a toasted marshmallow.

For delicious non alcoholic / child friendly alternatives use apple juice instead of cider, and remove added alcohol from both options.


Cast a spell this Halloween

Halloween is a wicked time to get creative with cocktails; using intense colours, ghoulish garnishes and frightening flavours! Give your guests the goosebumps with these spine chilling ideas…

Serve your vampires shots of blood from syringes, or transform your pumpkin into a smoking cauldron with dry ice. Who needs bobbing apples, when you can garnish your martini with bobbing eye balls (lychee’s stuffed with cocktail cherries or blueberries)! Finish a long drink with dried hibiscus petals to give the look of witches blood seeping down the glass or use green food colouring for a toxic toast.

For more creepy cocktail ideas visit our Pinterest page here.

The Blend by Chivas Regal

The Blend is back! After the huge success of last year, The Blend by Chivas Regal has returned to east London - 133 Bethnal Green Road to be precise!

This 45 minute whisky experience includes an interactive tasting session, followed by the chance for guests to draw on their newly gained knowledge and blend their very own, unique whisky to be taken home and enjoyed. Within The Blend bar, DJ’s set the mood whilst our bartenders serve up delicious Chivas cocktails.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and The Art of Blending is no different. This innovative experience will draw to a close on Sunday 3rd December ‘17. Tickets are still available to be purchased here.

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London Cocktail Week

What a crazy, hectic, wonderful week London Cocktail Week was! Drawing to a close on Sunday we are immensely proud to have been working with such creative teams on stands within the cocktail village including Monkey 47, Havana Club and Grand Marnier.

Located within Spitalfields Market, the cocktail village featured a variety of pop up bars from brands showcasing not only their signature £6 cocktail but immersive experiences, insightful masterclasses and collectively an electric atmosphere that would’ve given New York’s Studio 54 a run for its money! If you missed out, fear not! Check out Drink Up London for the ultimate London bar guide and recreate your own, unique cocktail week!

Until 2018 #LCW… we may have recovered by then!